The puppet company EL CANTO DEL CAPRO was formed in 2006 as the solo project of Andrea Lorenzetti; puppeteer, actor and founding member of the theatre company KAMCHATKA.
Between 2006 and 2009 Andrea Lorenzetti created his solo shows:HISTORIETAS, EL BLUES DELS TAROTS,and HISTORIES DE M.ME LAMORT.
In 2009 he began to collaborate with the artist and puppeteer Pep Gomez creating the company GOMEZ Y LORENZETTI and the shows: ROMANCES DE CIEGOS, JARDIN UMBRIO, LOS CANTOS DE MALDOROR.
Working with the company Twisted Fairground in 2013 Andrea Lorenzetti participated in the construction of SERPENTINA, a 2m high string marionette, that they first performed with at the festival AT-TENSION in 2015.
The same year the two companies joined together with Ivan Tomsevic and the visual artist Anna McNeil to create the interactive theatre installation and puppet performance Peep Show.
This show was later chosen to be the closing act of the international adult puppet festival ROMBIC Barcelona in 2017.
In 2019 Rombic commissioned Andrea Lorenzetti to create a special show to celebrate 5 years of the festival.
Working together with the company Dromosofista, and in collaboration with other puppeteers as well as musicians, circus, and visual artists, the cabaret performance, SHUTKA was created and presented at the festival.
The same year Andrea Lorenzetti finished the creation of his solo puppet show KHARABAT with live music by Sasha Agranov.


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